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Gabriel García Márquez



My little tribute to Gabriel García Márquez. In fact I had been working in this illustration for a while but never found time enought to end it. Sadly I think this moment finally arrived.

I count words in 28 Gabriel’s books and did some illustrations with words size proportional to repetition.

Books analyzed: Cien Años De Soledad, Cronica De Una Muerte Anunciada, Del Amor Y Otros Demonios, Doce Cuentos Peregrinos, El Ahogado Mas Hermoso Del Mundo, El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Colera, El Avion De La Bella Durmiente, El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba, El Otoño Del Patriarca, El Rastro De Tu Sangre En La Nieve, El Ultimo Viaje Del Buque Fantasma, En Agosto Nos Vemos, Espantos De Agosto, La Candida Erendira Y Su Abuela Desalmada, La Hojarasca, La Luz Es Como El Agua, La Santa, La Siesta De Los Martes, Memorias De Mis Putas Tristes, Muerte Constante Mas Alla Del Amor, Noticia De Un Secuestro, Ojos De Perro Azul, Relato De Un Naufrago, Solo Vine A Llamar Por Telefono, Tramontana, Un Dia De Estos, Un Senor Muy Viejo Con Unas Alas Enormes, Vivir Para Contarla.

Most used words (beggining of the list): casa (2986),sentía (1614),noche (1580),tiempo (1527),parecía (1509),muerte (1499),llevaba (1491),hombre (1449),podía (1411),volvió (1370),primera (1367),llegó (1274),mar (1261),encontró (1242),vida (1232),quedó (1225),sala (1221),pensar (1208),nunca (1111),vivir (1107),mientras (1087),siempre (1087),mano (1082),puerta (1051),tarde (1039),único (1033),decir (1021),nadie (1019),dejó (1004),madre (993),aquella (990),niña (983),padre (983),esperaba (978),tratando (973),cuenta (937),hijo (905),último (890),buen (888),modo (887),hablar (871),miró (859),preguntó (855),empezó (851),conocía (830),mujer (821),Aureliano (814),terminó (805),amor (799),bien (782),coronel (782),mundo (782),aquel (774),medio (774),pues (753),debía (728),dio (725),visto (722),dormir (718),ningún (716),embargo (703),orden (703),cuarto (700),pudo (693),calle (692),vio (688),veces (681),cosas (670),mal (661),ojos (659)…

Most used two relevant words combo: Florentino Ariza (565),Fermina Daza (411),José Arcadio (390),Aureliano Buendía (213),Aureliano Segundo (210),coronel Aureliano (209),dio cuenta (185),Sierva María (183),Arcadio Buendía (173),día siguiente (169),Santiago Nasar (158),Juvenal Urbino (143),mismo tiempo (139),doctor Urbino (134),muchos años (125),tres días (120),dijo ella (119),mucho tiempo (112),muchas veces (112),Nena Daconte (111),doctor Juvenal (109),aquella noche (105),ella misma (102),varias veces (100),Bendición Alvarado (95),dos años (93),Billy Sánchez (89),dijo la mujer (88),Amaranta Úrsula (86),poco a poco (86),veinte años (86),aquel día (85),Arcadio Segundo (84),dos veces (84),estaba seguro (83),tres meses (79),dos días (78),dos horas (78),dijo el coronel (76),Pablo Escobar (74),di cuenta (73),Lorenzo Daza (70),Gerineldo Márquez (69),llamó la atención (69),seis meses (69),media noche (68)…

Nice words by the way!

More Samples:



Bye Gabo, thank you for doing spanish language even more beautiful.



This days we are commemorating the 75th Howard Phillips Lovecraft death anniversary (is he is really death?) and I think it’s the right moment to do a little tribute to the master of horror.

For this illustration I took the complete works of Lovecraft, from this website, and counted the most used words dropping this list: one (1650),things (1185),old (992),seemed (952),now (892),great (873),time (869),even (831),like (804),night (709),man (691),saw (691),though (675),place (664),must (643),found (602),house (592),came (585),strange (585),might (565),looked (551),whose (540),come (539),certain (533),long (525),upon (518),black (516),dreams (514),never (491),men (490),city (486),dark (484),light (484),made (480),day (477),much (472),thought (464),know (461),still (461),stone (449),years (448),many (446),see (444),beyond (438),two (437),first (434),last (427),well (423),heard (414),world (408),eyes (407),seen (404),fear (401),form (399),far (397),knew (397),sound (397),open (391),yet (388),room (386),street (386),almost (384),back (384),told (382),near (381),way (381),door (378),new (371),walls (371),face (370),horror (369)…

The font used in the first illustration was “Nightmare 5” from dafont.com. For the following I used “Lovecraft’s Diary” font with nice alphabet inspired in Necronomicon (I think).


Dennis Ritchie

A couple weeks ago Dennis Ritchie pass away. His left was less noisy, just short news in newspapers, but I have to tell you the true: Without Dennis Ritchie there would be no Steve Jobs (of course Jobs was a incredible genius too).

Dennis created the C programming language and, in collaboration with Ken Thompson, the UNIX operating system. Both pilars of our current digital era.

I was tempted to spread one of his best know quotes “C has the power of assembly language and the convenience of… assembly language”, witch is quite funny (if you ever try C!). But finally I took  Álvaro from photoblues suggestion and spread all C functions over a portrait of Dennis. I want to thank Álvaro for his help with this illustration.

Bye dmr, I hope you see you in comp.lang.c.heaven.

Words for Amy

It was a sad lost of a talented yougn woman. For this illustration I took more than 4.000 comments people left after dead of Amy Winehouse in huffingtonpost.com.

Donwload vector base pdf file: JO-D-110816-Amy01

Also here you have the wallpaper files, in different resolutions: 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1152×864 1280×800 1280×1024 1366×768 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050 1856×1392 1920×1080 1920×1440 2048×1536

Most commonly used words: sad (1047),amy (986),talent (804),drugs (706),addiction (624),one (515),peace (498),just (473),people (469),rip (461),life (450),like (380),family (376),hope (337),music (332),now (330),loved (325),can (320),died (317),many (312),know (300),time (296),rest (288),get (284),winehouse (279),young (277),go (272),surprised (260),live (253),think (247),death (243),really (242),much (239),great (237),make (235),way (227),friends (222),say (219),years (219),see (217),may (215),voice (205),never (199),soul (197),coming (194),help (193),waste (193),find (181),another (175),tragic (173),person (170),rehab (168),someone (167),good (166),take (166),well (165),sorry (162),feel (160),try (159),want (154),even (150),fans (150),joplin (147),still (147),alcohol (146),always (145),back (144),said (142),happen (141),shame (140),thing (139),missed (138),artist (135),bad (133)…

If you want the most used two (relevant) words combo: rest in peace (227),rip amy (204),amy winehouse (170),find peace (82),janis joplin (81),family and friends (74),drug addiction (71),great talent (70),jim morrison (61),peace amy (53),kurt cobain (52),peace now (48),jimi hendrix (46),drugs and alcohol (43),may she rest (43),loved ones (40),back to black (37),young woman (37),waste of talent (36),go to rehab (35),years ago (35),god bless (33),died at age (30),drug use (30),many people (30),much talent (30),brian jones (29),found peace (28),long time (28),may you find (27),saw this coming (27),see this coming (27),die young (26),family member (26),loved her music (26),sad news (26),hope she finds (25),incredible talent (25),well said (25),get help (24)…

Also counting three words: may she rest in peace (42),rest in peace amy (42),may you find peace (23),hope she finds the peace (18),make me go to rehab (17),rip amy winehouse (17),tried to make me go (15),talented young woman (14),heart goes out to her family (13),love is a losing game (13),finally find the peace (12),just a matter of time (12),hope she has found peace (11),hope she is at peace now (11),drug and alcohol addiction (10),finally found peace (9),find peace now (9),now amy winehouse (9),go to rehab but she said (8),may her soul rest (8),rest in peace now (8),waste of a great talent (8),alcohol and drug addiction (7),drug and alcohol abuse (7),family and loved ones (7),hit rock bottom (7),hope she has finally found (7),hope she is finally at peace (7),may god bless (7),musicians dying at age (7),another great talent (6)…

Another version of the same illustration.

Download pdf: JO-D-110816-Amy02

One more.

Download pdf: JO-D-110816-Amy03

Goodbye Amy!

Lost, the words they said

This visualization represents the words used by each character of the popular tv show Lost. The size of the words are proportional to the number of times the character used it. The word position and the distance to the character are mostly random.

I don’t like remakes. I prefer to waste my time in new ideas. But I’m going to do an exception with this post. First because when I did it, the show wasn’t end so It was unfinished… somehow. And second because I think that Lost deserve it. I know Lost end received a lot of critiques (I share some of them) but I really enjoyed all the time I spend watching Jack, Ben and Locke making the rounds.

In addition to adding the final season information, I have taken the opportunity to improve the visualization. Remember I know the words each character said, exactly, thanks to the scripts hosted in lostpedia.wikia.com.

Yo can take a look at my original post talking about this image and others here.

Click in the image to see a high resolution version of the visualization. But if you want to see it in his full glory go to this link in Zoom.it.

Like a Rolling Text

Hey man… Happy birthday!… Bob Dylan is sixty now (ouch!, seventy!), well the last May 24.. but I’m always late congratulating.

For this illustration I took 462 Bob Dylan lyrics, counted all the words and spread it over a photo of a young Dylan. As usually the most commonly used are the largest.

The most used: well (659), just (613), know (597), got (584), like (567), can (536), one (480), come (456), go (449), love (432), say (415), see (414), time (413), oh (366), now (363), man (361), get (345), said (330), ain’t (327), baby (310), tell (277), never (270), back (267), night (262), look (261), day (251), want (241), make (233), take (230), eyes (217), heart (210), turn (209), way (208), long (203), right (197), hand (194), think (189), things (185), away (181), feel (180), gone (178), mind (175), good (174), around (171), walk (166), lord (163), world (160), ever (159), home (154), need (153), still (153), old (151), friend (149), hard (142), call (139), head (139), try (139), door (138), keep (136), road (135), stand (135), must (134), hear (133), little (133), people (133), die (132), wind (128), face (127), give (126), made (126), town (125), even (123), live (122), crying (120), new (119), blue (118), life (118), much (117), went (117), yes (115), girl (113), every (111), god (111), always (110), please (109), ya (108), light (106), nothing (106), put (106), woman (106), leave (105), something (104), stay (104), last (103), name (103), place (102), trouble (102), may (101), street (101)…

Another illustration with an “up to date” face…

A Gigapixel Hitchcock

Do you remember this image?. It is my Hitchcock visualization composed with 10.000 frames of ten Alfred Hitchcock movies. I did a 270 megapixels illustration, but I want to break the one gigapixel limit. It’s another step in my way to the “the big word search game ever” blablabla… I don’t want to bore you again. I had two problems, how to generate such a big file and how to let people view it.

Finally I found a way to create it using my tools (buf!) and I also hear about a nice free tool called  Zoomify, so I decided to give it a try. This post is something like an experiment… be patient if it doesn’t work at all.

At the bottom of this post you will find a viewer of my new Hitchcock illustration with more than one billion pixels, exactly 1.144.800.000 pixels (1.14 gigapixels).  You can zoom and see the frames details using the controls below the image. Enjoy!.

You can also navigate it trough Zoom.it.