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2017 Spiral Calendar

Another year of Spiral Calendars.

Vector PDF version here:

English Black Background JO-D-161225-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-BLK
English White Background JO-D-161225-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-WHT
Spanish Black Background JO-D-161225-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-BLK
Spanish White Background JO-D-161225-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-WHT

2017 Crisis Calendar

My Crisis Calendar updated.

PDF version here:


2016 Binary Calendar


Updated version of my Binary Calendar. Not for regular people, only real freak!


Vector PDF avaiable here:


2016 Crisis Calendar


I’m going to update some of my calendar designs for 2016, but this time I’ll try to be more minimal with all of them. So I think a good starting point is my favourite one, Crisis Calendar.

In order to read it you just have to know that monday is first day of the week.

It’s a kinda funny because right know I feel a little bit like a man in a desert island waiting to be rescue. So this calendar also match with my current feelings.

White background version.


And finally my vector PDF files if you want do do a huge print.



2014 Calendar Collection

Yes I know I’m late. To publish a calendar collection in March sounds crazy… really sorry but don’t have too much time… kids, work, duties… again all about time. Anyway hope you enjoy it!.

As usual, spanish and english version with white and black backgrounds. Click to get a high resolution version!.

2014 Crisis Calendar (fixed)


My latest calendar design, Crisis Calendar, a calendar of time we live in.

Despite its appearance it’s a perfectly functional calendar. If you need some clues of how it works I could tell you months are columns and the first day of week is Monday.

With this design I want to emphasize not only its simplicity, there is no indication of the day number, or the month, or even the year we are in, but also its symbolic using simple scratches on wall as unique element of representation… like the count of someone trapped somewhere.

Not a easy read calendar, it is almost hidden, in the sight of all but somehow occult… it will be our secret.

Hopefully it will be some kind of countdown to this crisis don’t want to leave us.

Dedicated to Eduardo Blanco… the RevitMan! Hey guy you’ll love this one!!

There is also a white background version.


Buy print at Society6

2012 Matrix Calendar


It’s a calendar based in Matrix effect. I did it using the nice Matrix Code NFI and Miltown2 fonts. I know it looks a little bit crazy, but believe me it’s a fully working calendar.

You only need to know two basic rules: each column represents a month and each week look like a colour gradient, starting on Monday (the darker). Despite of the characters, they all are random. Each week also has it’s own alpha level, it helps reading and also mimic the Matrix effect.

I was developing code for my “Crisis Calendar” (the simplest calendar ever) when I noticed that my draft files were really close to something similar to the unforgettable Matrix code screen . I spend a little time adapting it so I’m not sure if I will have time enough to  finish my other calendar ideas before the end of year.

Download PDF, vector based, 2012 Matrix Calendar.

Merry Christmas!

2012 Grass Calendar

An updated version of my generative grass calendar.

Download pdf:
English, White Background: JO-D-111120-GrassCalendar-ing-white
English, Black Background: JO-D-111120-GrassCalendar-ing-black

Spanish, White Background: JO-D-111120-GrassCalendar-esp-white
Spanish, Black Background: JO-D-111120-GrassCalendar-esp-black

Black background sample.


2012 Binary Calendar

No language… that’s the nice thing of binary World!.

2012 Binary Calendar Black. See JPG. Download PDF.
2012 Binary Calendar White. See JPG. Download PDF.