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Write for Rights, Amnesty International


Amnesty International just launched Write for Rights 2014 campaign and I had the great fortune to participate in the campaign with more than 20 illustrations for different countries cases.

This time I took relevant words from each case and spread them over his portrait. Too many times words like torture, violence, jail… words that reminds me that we still live in a world full of injustice and ignorance. I really think everybody must know it, please check all these cases and see for yourself.

I’m proud and happy with my little contribution for something that will help people. If you want to help please go to campaign site and join!. Help is a powerful word.

Link to Write for Rights Amnesty International Site.

A close-up of one illustration.



Black Girls Code


The Smithsonian is one of these great institutions that holds not only a long remarkable history but also principles and values that made it one of the greatest examples for our society. When scientist James Smithson let at his will the objetive as “for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men”, begun something probably greatest than he thought. Now it’s nineteen Museums and nine Research Centers.

I was commissioned by Smithsonian Magazine to create a portrait of Kimberly Bryant as part of special Ingenuity Awards issue. Kimberly is the founder of a non-profit teaching program called Black Girls Code, where school-aged girls are taught about coding, introducing them to this, sometimes exclusive, world.

You can take a look at their site and see the wonderful work they are doing: www.blackgirlscode.com

The portrait was composed using code from different languages.

Great story inside awesome magazine, thanks Smithsonian!


A cropped zoom of Kimberly’s portrait.


Zachor, I remember. Will you?


Vera Freidin is a Holocaust survivor, she went through this when she was a child but in her memories book “Zachor, I remember. Will you?”, you will find nothing but a positive point of view.

It’s always a pleasure to be part of something, even more when it’s a true story, and I had the luck of contribute to this publication by doing it’s cover. The cover is actual portrait of Vera Freidin recreated by using her relative names.

You can buy it at Amazon following this link.

Folha de S.Paulo

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I was commissioned by Folha de S.Paulo, a Brazilian great newspaper, to create several illustrations of their incoming elections. We took different speeches of three main candidates, Marina, Dilma and Aecio, counted their most used words then spread over a portrait of each candidate. It was published as part of last Sunday edition.

It was a awesome experience and I’m really happy with the great composition they did.

Thank you very much Fabio!

Reading Darwin


Recently I had the opportunity to design the cover of a wonderful book of poems, “Reading Darwin While My Father Dies” by Kate Gleason. She is also the author of  “Measuring the Dark” and her work has appeared in lot of different media like Best American Poetry, Verse Daily, Los Angeles Times Book Review and elsewhere.

To cover the book I created a new version of my Darwin illustration using the most used word of “On the Origin of Species”.

Thanks Kate for counting of me for this!, it was an honour to cover your wonderful poems.



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