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The (updated) Dove


It’s has been a while since I started doing my crazy stuff and looking back I feel that I can redo my old works a lot better now… so sometimes I play a little with these and I want to share with you one of my tryouts. The Dove, again!

You can check the old one here.

2016 Spiral Calendar


I did a little bit different Spiral Calendar for this 2016, hope you like it.

Spanish and English version in both backgrounds.


Vector PDF:

English Black Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-BLK
English White Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-WHT
Spanish Black Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-BLK
Spanish White Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-WHT


2016 Binary Calendar


Updated version of my Binary Calendar. Not for regular people, only real freak!


Vector PDF avaiable here:


2016 Crisis Calendar


I’m going to update some of my calendar designs for 2016, but this time I’ll try to be more minimal with all of them. So I think a good starting point is my favourite one, Crisis Calendar.

In order to read it you just have to know that monday is first day of the week.

It’s a kinda funny because right know I feel a little bit like a man in a desert island waiting to be rescue. So this calendar also match with my current feelings.

White background version.


And finally my vector PDF files if you want do do a huge print.



Wish You Were Here


Everybody have a special place and moment were your life turned into something really great. There are just a few you will keep in your memory for ever, no matter what.

This illustration is based in a shot I did few months ago, at my hometown, a perfect moment with full moon over the beacon that remind me another perfect moment. Same place, but 25 years ago.

Words are from lyrics of Pink Floyd song. One of those songs that belongs to “my life” BSO.

This one goes up for her. Because I wish you were here honey.


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2016 Spiral Calendar

I did a little bit different Spiral Calendar for this 2016, hope you like it. Spanish and English ve

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