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Gimp ColorToAlpha as Standalone EXE

I love Gimp as much as I love Photoshop, but in last one I miss one of the simplest and coolest plugins out there: ColorToAlpha. I know you can mimic this plugin in Photoshop and also with some Imagemagick scripts but at the end output is not as nice as Gimp plugin.

What it does is to remove target background color by adding transparency and modifying original colors in a way that when you combine with base color you have exact original image.


For me this is a basic function I use in each presentation, when you have to overlap images or want to perfectly merge a logo that comes with white background. Initially I thought I could create a photoshop plugin just taking a look at Gimp code… It was not so easy.

So finally I did a quick C# implementation of original Gimp code and created a single exe that do same thing as Gimp plugin does. The target was to be able to do this without any software and in mass mode trough a loop in a DOS script.

Not sure if it’s usefull for you, but just in case here you have it!
Download colortoalpha.zip (4kb)

Unzip colortoalpha.exe and use trough command line.

Usage: colortoalpha FileIn [BackgroundColor] [Dir or FileOut]
BackgroundColor = white, black, red, green, blue or any #hex color (default=white)
Output file will be “.png”
Warning! If not FileOut then FileIn will be overwrite if share .png extension without asking!!

colortoalpha test.jpg
colortoalpha test.jpg #b400ff testout.png
colortoalpha test.jpg white c:\tmp\
colortoalpha c:\temp\test.png red c:\tmp\test3.png

Don’t really know limitation in image sizes or formats neither tested it.

Use at your own risk!

Lord of the Words


This man killed thousand Orcs with his own hands. Well, with is hands and one pen.

My little tribute to JRR Tolkien the man who created a Universe from scratch. For this illustration I counted more relevant words from Lord of the Rings and spread over author’s portrait. I know it’s probably more popular book from Tolkien but I really love the beginning of The Silmarillion and his kind of Genesis… wonderful!

Vector file here: JO-D-151218-Tolkien01



No Woman No Cry


My little tribute to Bob Marley and one of his best songs.

Some tryouts.


And vector file! JO-D-160102-NoWomanNoCry-01

The (updated) Dove


It’s has been a while since I started doing my crazy stuff and looking back I feel that I can redo my old works a lot better now… so sometimes I play a little with these and I want to share with you one of my tryouts. The Dove, again!

You can check the old one here.

2016 Spiral Calendar


I did a little bit different Spiral Calendar for this 2016, hope you like it.

Spanish and English version in both backgrounds.


Vector PDF:

English Black Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-BLK
English White Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ENG-WHT
Spanish Black Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-BLK
Spanish White Background JO-D-151011-CalendarioEspiral-ESP-WHT



Lord of the Words

This man killed thousand Orcs with his own hands. Well, with is hands and one pen. My little tribute

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2017 Spiral Calendar

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