a picture is worth a thousand words


Tetris Nightmare

I woke in the middle of the night, thousands of coloured pieces was falling from the ceiling and my brain was in some kind of quick loop trying to sort them before running out of air…

Another Tetris nightmare. If you played Tetris for hours you will probably remember that feeling (Hey!, you’re also old man! 😉

This guy is guilty, Alexey Pajitnov, the designer and programmer of one of the most addictive games ever, to whom we owe hours of fun but also nightmarish nights.

So it’s my little revenge. To fill his portrait with thousands of its own little diabolic creations. ¿How do you feel now Alex?

But it’s also a game. One of the pieces doesn’t have it’s appropriate colour. Can you find it? For an easy search use this link in zoom.it.

Oh no, more nightmares!… good luck!

I’ve seen Words…

New word search game… this time about one of my favorite movies, Blade Runner. You have to find the names of all (in my opinion) replicant characters in the movie.

Yeah, it’s harder because two reasons. First, the font used was the movie font. Very nice but hard to read. You can find it here .

Second, because now there is no single chars but random generated words. It’s a new function I’m working on in my approach to “the big word search game ever” (sponsors needed!). Hope to publish it before summer.

It’s hard, but don’t you cry, because your tears will be lost in rain etc…. such a great movie!!!!

John Wayne

John Wayne is one of these forever actors with almost 170 films in his career. He is for sure one of the most well know American icons.

You can read more about John Wayne in his wikipedia article.

But remember this is a game, you have to find ten of his best movie titles. Now the movie titles are not straight, they flow with the colors. But don’t panic, here you have a clue. This is the way one movie title appears in the image… it’s not so hard!

Here you have the PDF vector image JO-D-110222-JohnWayne

Good luck!.

This image is dedicated to ‘the other’ John Wayne, a friend who share with the actor his voice, walk and height… but also his courage and close friendship. Maki this one is for you!.

Half a Million Manic Miners

This is a tribute to the best game ever… Manic Miner by Matthew Smith. Originally released by Bug-Byte in 1983, written for the ZX Spectrum… yes I know… I’m old (my mobile ringtone is the start-game music for Knight Lore).

But we are talking about one of the most addictive games ever… so, do you want to play?. Hidden, in between half a million Manic Miners there is one Jet Set Willy. Yes, I’m manic too, but it’s a fair revenge for those lost hours trying to solve the “Solar Power Generator” level… So Matthew Smith take that!.

Take a look… the man on the right is Jet Set Willy. Big difference, eh? }:-)

Download PDF JO-D-101004-ManicMiner

This second image is about Matthew Smith in these days.

Download PDF JO-D-101004-MatthewSmith

Links with more about Manic Miner and an old funny history about Matthew Smith.

Paul Newman

Find the top ten Paul Newman movies.

Now there is a greater difficulty because the words are not straight.

Good luck.

Download PDF JO-D-100826-Paul

Lauren Bacall

Find five Lauren Bacall’s  movies titles.

Enjoy this word search game… the next ones will not be so easy…

Download PDF JO-100723-LaurenBacall

The most difficult “Where’s Waldo?” ever

Yes, I like puzzles, especially in summer. And I think you will like this one too (or maybe you will go crazy!). You will probably remember Waldo from your childhood. Well, he has differente names, for me his name was Wally.

I used images from Wenda, Odlaw, The Wizard and Woof (the dog) and spread them more than 25.000 times over a big Waldo image… And somewhere… there is one Waldo… only one.

Take a closer look.

Before clicking a WARNING, the image is huge (6.000×11.550 pixels, more than 20MB) so you better download it and use an image viewer to do the search. Right click and “Save Target As…”.

All media from the official “Where’s Waldo?” site.

I’m going to tell you a secret… I don’t really know where waldo is in this image. Don’t panic, he must be there because I force my program to do it… but I dont want to cheat looking at my log file.

So the first one who finds Waldo will win a free Image-To-Words. I will do  an image to words transformation with the image the winner choose. Just post a comment with the approximate position.

[UPDATE] You have two different versions to solve:

Where’s Waldo
Where’s Waldo 2

[UPDATE 2] Here you have a vector base version of Where’s Waldo 2. The characters have been simplified in order to reduce the file size.

JO-D-100611-WhereisWaldo2.pdf (Take Care!, more than 60MB)

[UPDATE 3] Navigate 2.5 Gigapixel version of this image trough Zoom.it.

And this is the guy you are looking for:

Good Luck!

Dedicated to my brother… (hey man, try with this one!)

Playing with… Bogart

A new word search game… this time about Humphrey Bogart.

Find ten words belonging to the titles of his movies.

Download PDF JO-D-100505-Bogart (282kB)

Good Luck!

Playing with Marylin

Another WordSearch game.  This time with a Marylin Monroe portrait.

You have to find ten words related to the most famous blonde ever.

I think that it’s very easy so I’m not going to post the solution.

Good luck!.

Download PDF JO-D-100412-MarilynMonroe (363kB).

Playing with… Lennon

Same as Eintein post. Now you have to find ten words related to John Lennon.

Download PDF lennonwords.pdf (295kB)

If you give up here is the solution.

Playing with… Einstein

I made a little modification to my program by adding the possibility of randomly pre-inserting some words… the target is to create some kind of  “word search” game.

In this example you have to find numbers form 0 to 9.

Click here to see the puzzle solved.

(I apologize because the number 1 is almost identical to lowercase letter L. You will need this clue: the 1 is touching the 6.)

Download PDF version einstein.pdf (370kB)