a picture is worth a thousand words

Butterfly Experiment


I had recently the opportunity to create something for great institution Bridgend Women’s Aid, who I really thanks for choosing me, and did a lot of experiments with a butterfly image, changing colors patterns and randomizing it.

They finally used another incredible photo, I really like more than my crazy stuff, as base for my typo work. But I don’t want to waste my experiments so I thought it could be a good idea to share it with you.

I created different version with words in English and Spanish.

Multicolor Butterfly English Words
Multicolor Butterfly Spanish Words
Blue Butterfly English Words
Blue Butterfly Spanish Words

I choose words I found related to butterfly. But after a while I realized these words fit with life itself, and it’s probably the reason why butterfly concept is relevant for Bridgend Women’s Aid. May be not, but it makes me wonder how human brain connect dots to find something behind… and it’s something I always wanted in my illustrations.

Being honest I have to say my favourite are most abstract ones. I mean so abstract that you are not able to identify the image behind it and words are some kind of clues to find main subject. Should be only after a long time, may be third time you look at the image, when you brain find the pattern behind it and really see what it is.

Like a surprise wrapped with words.

Think about this cropped version for a big wall, like the background of a restaurant or something like that… do you think you will be able to see what it is at first sight?


Probably not so difficult with this one but if you like it I promise to came back with more.

Oh, somebody ask for my vector pdf versions. Yes I’m still working in a vector base and I think I should share more with you.



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