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Dream is Over


Long time without posting! Pretty busy with too many things in my life, but now I have a little free time in my hands and a strong reason, so it’s time to come back with a kind of remake… yes I know… John Lennon again?

But this time as a tribute to one of my favourite songs, “God”. Love how minimal and strong lyrics are. It’s like someone shaking your mind and, at the same time, blowing away his own idol statue.

In a world where fans follow idols by most stupid reasons I think it’s time to ask yourself what they did for you, or what they did for the rest of us… think about it. Life is great, and it’s ok to enjoy sports, enjoy music, enjoy movies… whatever. But don’t forget where real heroes are, close to you or in a lab saving your future.

It’s my little birthday present to a special person, she is like a miracle in my life and I feel the luckiest person in the world having the opportunity to be close to her while growing. Happy birthday honey, I believe in you… and keep dreaming!, but by the real good reasons!

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