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The Show Must Go On


Yes I know five years ago I did a previous illustration about Freddie Mercury and Queen, but I want to remake it because I feel older one wasn’t good enough. Also because I want to point you to one of his songs, The Show Must Go On.

Freddie was really sick when they recorded the song. He was so ill that almost can’t walk. Even somebody ask him if he could sing the song, his answer: “I’ll f-cking do it, darling”… and of course he did.

The song was written by Brian May, but I think that it deeply represent a moment in life of someone who has the courage to sing about it’s own death. He died six weeks after the single was released.

Hey guy, the show still goes on, but it’s not the same without you.

The words are my old list of most used words in Queen lyrics.

Below cropped version of same image.


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