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Black Girls Code


The Smithsonian is one of these great institutions that holds not only a long remarkable history but also principles and values that made it one of the greatest examples for our society. When scientist James Smithson let at his will the objetive as “for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men”, begun something probably greatest than he thought. Now it’s nineteen Museums and nine Research Centers.

I was commissioned by Smithsonian Magazine to create a portrait of Kimberly Bryant as part of special Ingenuity Awards issue. Kimberly is the founder of a non-profit teaching program called Black Girls Code, where school-aged girls are taught about coding, introducing them to this, sometimes exclusive, world.

You can take a look at their site and see the wonderful work they are doing: www.blackgirlscode.com

The portrait was composed using code from different languages.

Great story inside awesome magazine, thanks Smithsonian!


A cropped zoom of Kimberly’s portrait.


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