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Silent Suicides


I have a mix of feelings about this post, indeed some kind of fear… It’s probably due to my education.  But I don’t want to be another one who simply remain silent. The fact is here, in Spain, my country, more than 3.500 people commit suicide per year. It’s is more than twice the number of deaths due to traffic accidents… and nobody talks about it.

For me, it means we have a sick society. And I’m pretty sure if we don’t talk about it we are not going to fix it.

I’m not judging people who commit suicide, it’s more some kind of respect and freezing care. I’m not saying it’s ok, sorry but I can’t, I care more about the ones who stay.  They family, friends, people close… I can’t imagine the impotence, the sadness… sometimes even shame.

Well, I don’t want to give an opinion, I just want to put it on the table.

For this illustration the photo of Evelyn McHale who jumped from the Empire State Building in 1947. No ones knows why. Her body crashed over a car and a photography student took this iconic photo, strangely beautiful.  She was only 23 years old.

Words are unsorted 30 common reasons to suicide. Please read it, and just keep an eye you are not one of these reasons to another human being.

Different version of the same image.


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