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Caltech Magazine Cover


I’m really proud of this one. Few months ago I had the opportunity to work for California Institute of Technology, one of the best universities in the world, by creating summer issue cover for their E&S magazine. What can I said… more than a pleasure it was an honour, be related to Caltech is a dream come true.

Finally I did three illustrations you will find along the magazine. The seed for the cover is Thinker of Rodin and the words are current questions around science. You can navigate it on-line through this link.

I love science and technology, and I truly believe science people makes the world go around. I think we have to learn a lot from science world, how they share and how they criticize and grow. Forget politics, bankers or whoever… science people, like these studying at Caltech, will make your life better.

They send me some hard copies that, nicely, arrived yesterday, so it was a great name day gift! BTW I jumped across a bonfire as I used to do when I was young (another crazy spanish tradition!).

Thanks Jenny for thinking of me for this!

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  1. Jenny says:

    We searched the world for you and chose you because you were the best illustrator for this project. I am very proud of this cover. Thank you for doing an outstanding job!

  2. juanosborne says:

    Jenny, thank you very much, you have a friend here. It was an awesome experience!!! :-DD

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