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Aaron Swartz


This is my little tribute to Aaron Swartz. I’m sad because we did not have the opportunity to help him. I’m also very sceptical with this story, but I have to admit that I’m sceptical even with the sceptics.

For a few days I thought about how to pay tribute… with one of his quotes (love “there is no justice in following unjust laws”), with the most relevant words of wikipedia … but the words “forever free” always ended up in my head.

Probably because in the land of freedom it was his biggest fear, to remain free. I really think it was the weapon. But somehow he reversed the whole thing… he is now forever free. We will never forget you Aarom.

Original image from Jacob Appelbaum.

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  1. david says:

    Thank you for doing this. He was truly a gem of our world. Always love Aaron

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