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Tribute to Sean Taylor


Anish Patel came to me with this sad but wonderful history about Sean Taylor. After reading about him I decided to create a little tribute to his memory…

So I took more than 4.300 messages people left here  after his death, people continuous writing even a year after, and counted the most used words of all these messages. Then I spread the words over some different images of Sean. Size of the words represents repetition.

The beginning of the word list:

family (3443),sean (3261),god (2436),taylor (1638),may (1478),missed (1315),bless (1261),prayers (1235),love (1054),time (1051),know (875),peace (839),fan (761),redskins (720),rest (718),go (691),heart (677),friends (676),one (659),always (656),great (629),thoughts (610),player (582),play (548),never (540),life (532),watch (508),football (471),rip (451),man (443),memories (427),loss (423),remember (419),comfort (394),now (392),just (372),like (371),young (362),day (361),condolences (341),live (337),best (334),keep (322),person (321),pray (310),see (304),field (302),many (299),game (289),heaven (283),much (280),deepest (277),can (275),forever (273),lord (273),thank (271),goes (265),sympathy (265),sad (258),truly (257),son (243),lost (241),daughter (237),father (235),ever (230),sorry (230),way (229)… and another 3800 words

And counting two representative words combo:

god bless (1084),sean taylor (869),may god (765),taylor family (722),rest in peace (556),thoughts and prayers (457),bless you and your family (347),family and friends (294),prayers go (282),redskins fan (215),rip sean (211),prayers are with your family (207),sean’s family (194),go out to the family (193),deepest sympathy (164),never be forgotten (159),heart goes (151),family of sean (148),family in this time (147)…

Thank you Anish for helping me with this!.

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  1. Nick says:

    God Bless you Juan Osborne this art is a sign of what all Washington Redskin fan’s need to remember not just what are current record is or are past records are, but they need to remember that if Sean “The Boom King” Taylorwas still alive he WOULD still be on our team, and we would not be struggling this much in th e secondary, if you noticed it’s not just Sean we lost that year it was: Carlos Rogers, Shaun Springs, Rocky MaCintosh, Ryan Clark(who just recently returned) and thats just defense. So out of the millions of Redskin fans, you are the only one I have seen that put all this time, effort, and dedication in to support and show respect for one player, person, and family man who passed away so earl;y in life so for that I say again

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