a picture is worth a thousand words


Buf!, more than two months without posting… It’s has been a challenging time with lot of things around my head. I would liked to return with some new things for you (still working in video and other crazy ideas), but I don’t have time enough. So here I go again with a new illustration, I have dozen unfinished just waiting for…something!.

Time to talk about the best band ever: Dire Straits. Yeah I’m getting old but the true is that I never tire listening this band songs. Sultan of Swing, Telegraph Road, Tunnel of Love… too many incredible songs. What can I say… Hey Knopfler THANKS!!!

My first idea was to count the most used words in his lyrics. I took around 50 songs and counted it. The beginning of the list: got (85),come (78),just (76),get (65),like (65),know (64),say (63),now (61),can (54),twisting (42),love (40),go (39),one (39),time (38),baby (37),take (37),away (35),yeah (34),give (33),see (30),way (30),well (30),make (29),pool (28),long (27),night (27),play (26),think (26),never (25),sometimes (25),man (24),around (23),boys (23),day (23)…

But finally I decided to take the songs names. Remove non significant words and randomly sorted the rest of them. Then I moved “Sultans” to the first position as a tribute to Sultans of Swing :-). Also I found the font used in Alchemy cover and change all the words to inverse case so it looks, more or less, like this mythical album cover. Of course Mark Knopfler is the main subject of this illustration.

You can also download free wallpaper in different sizes: 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1152×864 1280×800 1280×1024 1366×768 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050 1856×1392 1920×1080 1920×1440 2048×1536

Below you can take a look to some other illustration I finally left behind…

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