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This days we are commemorating the 75th Howard Phillips Lovecraft death anniversary (is he is really death?) and I think it’s the right moment to do a little tribute to the master of horror.

For this illustration I took the complete works of Lovecraft, from this website, and counted the most used words dropping this list: one (1650),things (1185),old (992),seemed (952),now (892),great (873),time (869),even (831),like (804),night (709),man (691),saw (691),though (675),place (664),must (643),found (602),house (592),came (585),strange (585),might (565),looked (551),whose (540),come (539),certain (533),long (525),upon (518),black (516),dreams (514),never (491),men (490),city (486),dark (484),light (484),made (480),day (477),much (472),thought (464),know (461),still (461),stone (449),years (448),many (446),see (444),beyond (438),two (437),first (434),last (427),well (423),heard (414),world (408),eyes (407),seen (404),fear (401),form (399),far (397),knew (397),sound (397),open (391),yet (388),room (386),street (386),almost (384),back (384),told (382),near (381),way (381),door (378),new (371),walls (371),face (370),horror (369)…

The font used in the first illustration was “Nightmare 5” from dafont.com. For the following I used “Lovecraft’s Diary” font with nice alphabet inspired in Necronomicon (I think).


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  1. […] Howard Phillips Lovecraft, cultuado autor norte-americano do gĂŞnero de fantasia e terror que faleceu em 15 de março de 1937, tambĂ©m ganhou um retrato de letras recentemente, em lembrança ao seu aniversário de morte. A rainha do crime, Agatha Christie, tambĂ©m teve sua vez. Palavras de 65 de seus livros foram contabilizadas – e:a contagem de Juan indicou que ela usou a palavra “murder” (assassinato) 4.158 vezes. […]

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