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Charles Dickens

There is a lot of people celebrating two hundred years of Charles Dickens and I also want to do a little tribute to this great English writer.

I took more than fifty books and novels by Dickens (including the most iconic like Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol) and counted the words. I spread the words over two different portraits images.

The first words in the list. oliver (868),upon (755),replied (548),bumble (399),gentleman (366),lady (359),sikes (357),dear (330),jew (325),fagin (317),sir (314),away (298),another (275),without (253),woman (229),poor (204),window (202),shall (192),heart (185),quite (181),child (177),arm (172),brownlow (167),something (166),returned (164),doctor (161),master (161),manner (160),whether (156),moment (153),observed (152),seen (150),london (149),sat (149),indeed (147),present (147),office (145),rather (145),bill (144),speak (143),expression (139)…

The illustrations represents the single word counting, but I also counted two and three words combo. If you are curious the three words combo list start with: gentleman in the white waistcoat (13),poor mercantile jack (11),waiter who ought to wait upon (8),great salt lake (7),queer small boy (7),spoken young man (7),well spoken young (7),french flemish country (6),titbull’s aims houses (6)…

Another portrait.

Did you know that his life is probably most challenging that any of his novel histories. Visit his Wikipedia article to know more about this incredible man.

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  1. […] é que todas as imagens são feitas a partir de pesquisas cuidadosas. O retrato em palavras de Charles Dickens, por exemplo, é feito a partir dos termos mais usados nas obras Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, […]

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