a picture is worth a thousand words


She is more than a singer, probably the smarter and talented artist out there. With more than 300 million records sold worldwide, along 30 years of career, she is probably the most successful woman in the music industry.

I took more than four hundred Madonna lyrics and counted the most commonly used words. Again Love is the most used. The beginning of the list: love, know, get, can, like, just, want, baby, make, time, go, got, feel, one, take, say, never, come, see, now, waiting, oh, give, cause, heart, think, thing, keep… In the above illustration words size is proportional to it’s repetition. As seed image I took the album cover of “True Blue”.

Along the years she changed a lot her music and her image but I still love the more “Like a Virgin” (yes I’m getting old!) and I never tire of “Dress You Up” music video. No special effects, no composition, live… pure Madonna!. That’s the reason why I did this second illustration based on one of the video moments.

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