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2012 Matrix Calendar


It’s a calendar based in Matrix effect. I did it using the nice Matrix Code NFI and Miltown2 fonts. I know it looks a little bit crazy, but believe me it’s a fully working calendar.

You only need to know two basic rules: each column represents a month and each week look like a colour gradient, starting on Monday (the darker). Despite of the characters, they all are random. Each week also has it’s own alpha level, it helps reading and also mimic the Matrix effect.

I was developing code for my “Crisis Calendar” (the simplest calendar ever) when I noticed that my draft files were really close to something similar to the unforgettable Matrix code screen . I spend a little time adapting it so I’m not sure if I will have time enough to  finish my other calendar ideas before the end of year.

Download PDF, vector based, 2012 Matrix Calendar.

Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to “2012 Matrix Calendar”

  1. ErikZ says:

    Interesting, but the color gradients seem to be off.

    Feb the 16th (which is a monday) doesn’t seem to be dark at all.

    Since that’s my only reference point between the start and end of the month, it makes this very difficult to use.

  2. juanosborne says:

    Hummm I think you are right.

    Since I’m mixing a lot of random values in colour and alpha there is a probability of bad combination like the one you are pointing.

    One nice kind of my generative calendars is that I can generate a totally different version just by running it again. So I will try to create a couple new different versions as soon as possible.

    But just to be clear, I don’t really want to make it super-easy to read. To be hard to read is a feature! (Oh my!, I sound like Microsoft!!!) 😉


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