a picture is worth a thousand words

11.11.11 happy end of the world

You know, people are crazy about dates and today, in our calendar, we have funny date numbers: 11/11/11. I though most of the people think about it in a negative way, I mean they could become mad because the end of the world or something… So how to check what people think about it?, this time we are going to use Tweeter.

I took around 10.000 English tweets which talks about 111111 and counted the words they used. Surprisingly everyone is having fun with this date. Almost nothing about bad news and a lot of funny things like birthdays, parties, weddings and date facts… smart guys!.

In first illustration I took avatars of all these tweeters and spread them over an image of a render I did with the date numbers (click too see the my original image). In the following I spread the words they used with sizes proportional to it’s repetition. And also you can find two alternative versions.

Seize the day, have fun!.

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