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Jim Morrison

Here we go again. This time we will talk about Jim Morrison, singer and lyricist of The Doors. He is one of the most iconic men in the rock history, but I want to point you to his poet side. Did you know Morrison improvised poetry while the band was playing live?.

Again I counted the words of all of their lyrics and spread over a well know portrait of Morrison. Bigger is more used. The beggining of the word list and it’s hits: love (96),yeah (61),tell (56),run (51),girl (47),see (47),come (44),know (44),time (43),baby (41),night (41),get (39),back (38),like (37),one (37),please (37),now (36),end (35),little (35),blue (34),people (30),can (27),make (27),waiting (27),change (26),children (25),oh (25),streets (25),town (25),way (25),got (24),live (24),look (24),sun (24),eyes (23),risin’ (23),go (22),right (22),well (22),woman (22),c’mon (21),good (21),man (21),take (21),free (20),moon (20),blood (19),follow (19),friend (19),l’america (19),must (19),ride (19),want (19),break (18),city (18),dead (18),gone (18),lies (18),listen (18),need (18),soon (18),strange (18),world (18),snake (17),summer (17)…

And again “love” is the first one.

He used it only in six songs, but “little girl” is the most commonly used two words combo, with 16 hits.

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This is the end Jim… Wild soul we will miss forever.

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    Your work is so brilliant! 🙂

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    Beautiful ! , your work It s a piece of fine art .congratulations !!

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