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Dennis Ritchie

A couple weeks ago Dennis Ritchie pass away. His left was less noisy, just short news in newspapers, but I have to tell you the true: Without Dennis Ritchie there would be no Steve Jobs (of course Jobs was a incredible genius too).

Dennis created the C programming language and, in collaboration with Ken Thompson, the UNIX operating system. Both pilars of our current digital era.

I was tempted to spread one of his best know quotes “C has the power of assembly language and the convenience of… assembly language”, witch is quite funny (if you ever try C!). But finally I took¬† √Ālvaro from photoblues suggestion and spread all C functions over a portrait of Dennis. I want to thank √Ālvaro for his help with this illustration.

Bye dmr, I hope you see you in comp.lang.c.heaven.

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  1. Merrill Hongach says:

    Regards for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “A good man can be stupid and still be good. But a bad man must have brains.” by Maxim Gorky.

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