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Lost, the words they said

This visualization represents the words used by each character of the popular tv show Lost. The size of the words are proportional to the number of times the character used it. The word position and the distance to the character are mostly random.

I don’t like remakes. I prefer to waste my time in new ideas. But I’m going to do an exception with this post. First because when I did it, the show wasn’t end so It was unfinished… somehow. And second because I think that Lost deserve it. I know Lost end received a lot of critiques (I share some of them) but I really enjoyed all the time I spend watching Jack, Ben and Locke making the rounds.

In addition to adding the final season information, I have taken the opportunity to improve the visualization. Remember I know the words each character said, exactly, thanks to the scripts hosted in lostpedia.wikia.com.

Yo can take a look at my original post talking about this image and others here.

Click in the image to see a high resolution version of the visualization. But if you want to see it in his full glory go to this link in Zoom.it.

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