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A Gigapixel Hitchcock

Do you remember this image?. It is my Hitchcock visualization composed with 10.000 frames of ten Alfred Hitchcock movies. I did a 270 megapixels illustration, but I want to break the one gigapixel limit. It’s another step in my way to the “the big word search game ever” blablabla… I don’t want to bore you again. I had two problems, how to generate such a big file and how to let people view it.

Finally I found a way to create it using my tools (buf!) and I also hear about a nice free tool called  Zoomify, so I decided to give it a try. This post is something like an experiment… be patient if it doesn’t work at all.

At the bottom of this post you will find a viewer of my new Hitchcock illustration with more than one billion pixels, exactly 1.144.800.000 pixels (1.14 gigapixels).  You can zoom and see the frames details using the controls below the image. Enjoy!.

You can also navigate it trough Zoom.it.

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