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John Wayne

John Wayne is one of these forever actors with almost 170 films in his career. He is for sure one of the most well know American icons.

You can read more about John Wayne in his wikipedia article.

But remember this is a game, you have to find ten of his best movie titles. Now the movie titles are not straight, they flow with the colors. But don’t panic, here you have a clue. This is the way one movie title appears in the image… it’s not so hard!

Here you have the PDF vector image JO-D-110222-JohnWayne

Good luck!.

This image is dedicated to ‘the other’ John Wayne, a friend who share with the actor his voice, walk and height… but also his courage and close friendship. Maki this one is for you!.

3 Responses to “John Wayne”

  1. On the Rock someone painted a picture of John Wayne and would like to know. On Kodiak Island, Kodiak, Alaska.

  2. Brandy de la Court says:

    I can only find seven…has anyone found all of them?? Funny game! I´ll keep on trying!

  3. Brady Butler says:

    Donald… I, too, have seen the rock on Kodiak Island with the picture of John Wayne… That was 1988. I am amazed it is still there. Up on the side of the road on the hill above the town there is a rock embankment where the painting occured. Dang, I thought I was the only one who had seen that!

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