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Half a Million Manic Miners

This is a tribute to the best game ever… Manic Miner by Matthew Smith. Originally released by Bug-Byte in 1983, written for the ZX Spectrum… yes I know… I’m old (my mobile ringtone is the start-game music for Knight Lore).

But we are talking about one of the most addictive games ever… so, do you want to play?. Hidden, in between half a million Manic Miners there is one Jet Set Willy. Yes, I’m manic too, but it’s a fair revenge for those lost hours trying to solve the “Solar Power Generator” level… So Matthew Smith take that!.

Take a look… the man on the right is Jet Set Willy. Big difference, eh? }:-)

Download PDF JO-D-101004-ManicMiner

This second image is about Matthew Smith in these days.

Download PDF JO-D-101004-MatthewSmith

Links with more about Manic Miner and an old funny history about Matthew Smith.

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  2. This is the reason I keep returning to this place.
    I can’t believe how many posts I missed since last time!

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