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Peace for all… tastes

Speaking of white doves here you have my serie of compositions based on the peace symbol, made up of more than 300 languages.  I think I saw something similar on the Internet but can’t remember where.

For the seed image I recreated the symbol in 3D. Then I rendered it in order to have a seed image with some kind of depth sensation.

I made a couple of variations so you can choose. In the first group of images the first ten highest words represents the most spoken languages in the world. In the last ones the languages are sorted alphabetically.

I took the differents peace words from this website: http://www.columbia.edu/~fdc/pace/

Download vector PDF files:



3 Responses to “Peace for all… tastes”

  1. moses seenarine says:

    awesome work of peace!
    can i use this image as part of a peace poster?

  2. moses seenarine says:

    thanks so much, juan 🙂
    may the peace be with you!

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