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The Dove

Just a quick composition with a white dove.

I like this one, but if you prefer a less abstract version…

Take a closer look.

5 Responses to “The Dove”

  1. Harry KP says:

    hi Juan
    this is amazing work
    i am looking at artists for my GCSE and i was wondering how you do this

    love the sporting pics (great fan of nadal and villa)


    • juanosborne says:

      Hi Harry,

      I coded my own tools that help me in the spread process. Everything is quite experimental but super flexible, so it let me free to do the things the way I want.

      But you can find a lot of tutorials about text images out there, just do a quick google search.

      Kind Regards.

  2. Ali says:

    Hey Juan,

    your work is really brilliant..!!
    and i was wondering how do you do that?
    I mean the software, do you apply your artwork with photoshop or what exactly?

    Again your technique is more than awesome, and please tell me any thing of your secrets..

    • juanosborne says:

      Thank Ali!. I coded my own tools that help me with this kind of illustrations. I only use an image editor at the very beginning… from that point everything happens inside my tools (and my brain! 😉

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