a picture is worth a thousand words


This is one of my favorites images, and probably one of the most impressive pictures of the XX century… a man stood in front of a column of tanks. It happened in at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on 1989, during the students protests.

I recreated the image using the word ‘freedom’ in about fifty languages. The font used for the words are Arial Unicode. For the poster title I chose the nice free font Phorssa, from http://www.junkohanhero.com/.

Nobody knows who are, or was, this man but you can read more about ‘Tankman’ in the wikipedia.

Download PDF  JO-D-100416-Freedom (5.9MB).


My apologies. New file with german lenguage included.

Download PDF JO-D-100416-Freedom2 (6MB)

Also a row of testing images.

6 Responses to “Freedom!”

  1. Beate says:

    Great picture, but I´m missing the German word for freedom!?!

    • juanosborne says:

      It could be true?? wait… let me see the full list… Freiheit… it’s not 🙁

      I will do a remake… I promess…

      Any other lenguage?

  2. isabel says:

    me ha encantado!! es genial, ahora entiendo muchas cosas…..

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  4. niOS says:

    The Dhivehi word for freedom is މިނިވަންކަން

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