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The Words Of Jesus

Since we are in Easter I think it’s time to answer an email that Luis Barcelo sent to me a month ago. He suggested about an image only with the words that Jesus said.

Great idea!, but how to find what Jesus was recorded as saying?. Well this hard work is already done by JB Phillips as you can see in this website. He has the New Testaments books with the Jesus words in red. Easy task, isolate these words by using the select by format of any text processing application and we are done.

For the curious the beginning of the my counted words list with ALL the words: the (836), you (626), and (546), to (430), of (349), i (305), is (278), that (223), will (216), your (215), who (209), in (203), for (191), it (187), a (185), have (174), not (168), me (164), are (163), be (153), but (151), man (141), what (120), he (118), my (116), do (113), come (108), has (101), him (98), his (94), father (91), god (89), they (88), go (84), from (82), this (79), if (78), one (77), as (74), can (71), all (66), no (66), on (66), say (64), them (64), know (62), believe (61), up (61), with (60), am (58), when (56), life (53), out (51), give (50), into (50), or (50), see (50), son (49), how (47), so (47), good (46), then (46), which (46), at (45), must (45), those (45), by (43), now (43), like (42), heaven (41), there (41), men (40), own (38), hear (35), never (35), things (35), tell (34), their (34), was (34), don’t (33), let (33), shall (33), because (32), people (32), sent (32), does (30), eye (30), kingdom (28), make (28), day (27), even (27), live (27)…

From this list we will remove all the single characters words and ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘of’ and ‘and’. Sometimes I also remove ‘you’ because of the big distance between this one and the rest of words.

You can Download the full list here: thewordsofjesus.

The other problem is the base image. Which one?. Luis send me an image from the movie The Passion, and I made a couple of images using it. Take a look.

Download PDF JO-D-100328-JesusWords01-ING (254kB)
Download PDF JO-D-100328-JesusWords02-ING (390kB)
Download PDF JO-D-100328-JesusWords03-ING (541kB)

But I want to go further.

The only change to find a ‘real’ image of Jesus is the The Holy Shroud of Turin. And we have a useful reconstruction, a painting created in 1935 by an Armenian artist named Ariel Aggemian. There is a funny history that joins this image, computers and an indian spiritual master. I retouched it a little bit in order to have a sharp result as base image.

As final step let me choose a representative font. The first modern print of the Biblia was made in 1454 by Gutenberg and we have a very nice free font that mimics that print here.

We have all ingredientes!. So, here we go…

Download PDF  JO-D-100328-JesusWords04-ING (372kB)

I also made another testing files I want to share.

Download PDF JO-D-100328-JesusWords05-ING (148kB)
Download PDF JO-D-100328-JesusWords06-ING (372kB)

That’s all!. I have several ideas about this matter but not enough free time. So may be next time.

Hope you like it.

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