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Obama Words Relationship

Obama speeches are a good testing ground. This time we are going to investigate the relationship between some of the most ‘representative words’ used in his speeches. These words are: american, can, country, hope, iraq, people, schools, war, work and world. You can find the Obama Speeches in this url  http://obamaspeeches.com/

The words cloud image represents the words close to one of the ‘representative word’ (in color). Word size represents the number of times the word appears. The distance to the ‘representative word’ represents the average distance of all instances of each word.

Take a closer look.

The last image represents all the words with a proportional size and an evolution in time of the most used words. Also, there is an attempt to count only the adjetives (it is just an experiment!), because, in some way, adjetives ‘describe’ things.

You can download and distribute my images for free (for non commercial use).

Download PDF ObamaDistances.pdf (8.5MB)
Download PDF  ObamaEvolutiom.pdf (385kB)

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