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Jack VS Locke

Animated by a suggestion of ^BadNumber^ from lostzilla.net here we go again with… Lost.

This time I have analyzed all the dialogues of the five seasons, but thanks to the scripts hosted in lostpedia.wikia.com we can know the words each character said… exactly.

So here are the results. The first image is a versus between Jack and Locke. Each face has the words correspondig to the character.

In the last image each character has his own words. The bigger the more times they used it. The distance to the character is mostly random. We choose nine of them… look at it and you will know why.

As a curiosity take a look to number of times each character talk, the number of words spoken and the average words per intervention.

jack (3254 int / 28951 words / 8.89 avg)
locke (2339 int / 22670 words / 9.69 avg)
hurley (1761 int / 17244 words / 9.79 avg)
kate (2272 int / 17327 words / 7.62 avg)
sawyer (2387 int / 24165 words / 10.12 avg)
sayid (1505 int / 14754 words/ 9.80 avg)
ben (1009 int / 13064 words / 12.4 avg)
juliet (924 int / 8661 words / 9.37 avg)
desmond (868 int / 8413 words / 9.69 avg)

I want to thank ^BadNumber^ and cesarfuenla for their assistance with ideas and suggestions. Thank you guys… hope you like it.

Download free PDF jackvslocke.pdf (578kB)
Download free PDF lost_thewordstheysaid.pdf (6.5MB)

As a bonus… the ‘dark’ version…

Download free PDF jackvslocke-dark.pdf (189kB)

You can print it freely (for non commercial use), but if you prefer a big size printed copy you can order it in deviantart:

Jack vs Locke
Lost The Words They Said
Jack vs Locke Dark Version

20 Responses to “Jack VS Locke”

  1. ^BadNumber^ says:

    Amazing. Thanks so much. Really.

  2. Lost_Pilgrim says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!

    It’s beautiful! The shadings are great and the characters word choices really makes me think.

    You rock!

  3. RWG says:

    Heh, this is so cool. I especially like how big “DUDE” is on Hurley’s circle.

    Oh, yeah, and I hope the Skaters don’t find this. Look at how big “Jack” is on Kate’s circle as opposed to “Sawyer” 🙂

    RWG (but, then “Jack” is pretty big on everyone’s)

    • Jennifer says:

      Well, to be fair, it’s partly because (as any good Skater knows) Sawyer rarely calls her “Kate.” He calls her “Freckles”, “Sweetheart”, “Sassafrass” etc. whereas Jack only ever calls her Kate. There’s even a line in Season 4 where Kate notices Sawyer acting strange and says “And since when do you call me ‘Kate’?”

      Add to that the fact that Sawyer and Kate ended up separated for a season and you’ve got the rest of your explanation. It’s actually more troubling to me that “Jack” is so much bigger on Kate’s little picture, but then again, I think that’s largely explained by Sawyer generally being the one who sought out Kate in seasons 1-3. She didn’t really need to ask him to come around.

      • robin says:

        yea. if we measure by that, we should also think that juliet preferred jack to sawyer.

        the reason why kate has so many jacks is because back in season one, she was always following him on whatever mission, shouting jack jack jack whenever

        “stop that jack!” “he’s dead jack!” “jack! jack!” “jack, you need to rest” hah

        i thought sawyer’s was funny… lots of cuss words. and hurley’s dude, which is huge.

        it would be nice to see michael’s… i bet it would be one big WAAAAAALT and claire’s MY BABY!

  4. Liliana says:

    This is really enginious and beautiful! Congrats, you’re a true artist!

  5. jenny says:

    this is really awesome 😀

  6. Ruby says:

    This is amazing. Well done!

  7. juanosborne says:

    Thank you everybody for your comments! I will come back with more stuff like that.

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  9. Laise says:

    The perfect battle of words x images.

  10. Temidien says:

    Truly great. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. mon key says:

    Wow, this is just incredible.
    Must have taken you forever, but it looks amazing!
    Thanks for sharing (:

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