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iDim, ultrafast autocad dimensioning

Add dimension in autocad is one of the most boring task… To avoid it, and because I’m lazy, I made an autolisp application that add dimension to lines. I called it “idim” and I want to share it with you because it is very usefull.

Some considerations: The dimension will be in the current layer with the current dimension style. It will add dimensions only to line entities. It will try to detect ‘holes’ and add  a dimension to it.

Instructions: appload idim.vlx, type idim… select lines… go!

It’s on beta stage. In future versions it will let you choose offset and other variables.

Free for personal and commercial use (if you use it commercialy consider donation).

Download idim.zip (3kB).

3 Responses to “iDim, ultrafast autocad dimensioning”

  1. amparo says:

    did you make it? congratulations!! it’s geat!! i will take it and i will use it for my projects at the university

    • juanosborne says:

      Thank you!.

      Yes it is a little autolisp program… autolisp is still useful!!

      If you need access to any variables (dim distance, etc…) I will probably add this options soon…

  2. Halid says:

    Hola, suena muy bien me gustarĂ­a probarlo pero no lo puedo descargar, como que el link se cayo.

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