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Lisbeth gaze

Millenium ENG

Download (English) millenium-eng.pdf (215kB).
Download (Spanish) millenium-esp.pdf (235kB).

Based in the Stieg Larsson Bestseller. All the words from the Millenium trilogy.

In this case the problem was the huge step between the first words. Take a look at the word list:

blomkvist 2521, salander 2376, police 879, vanger 878, berger 703, zalachenko 589, murder 584, lisbeth 526, investigation 475, apartment 468, harriet 453, bjurman 448, bublanski 405, mikael 396, armansky 379, millennium 356, security 345, coffee 322, martin 319, computer 309, wennerström 307, ekström 302, svensson 300, henrik 288, niedermann 287, spent 286, taken 284, giannini 270, photograph 268, desk 267.

In only 30 words we have tenth of the initial size. The words becomes like ants quickly.

So I decided to insert a kind of ‘brake’ in the algorithm that makes the steps between words shorter. Yes, we lose accurate proportionality but still retain importance degree between words.

Images free for personal use only.

The spanish version uses the spanish books. No google translation.

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  1. carlos says:

    Hi, Juan!
    Great job, I really like it. The spanish pdf of ‘Lisbeth gaze’ is not available, I wonder if you could upload it again.

    Thank you very much.

  2. juanosborne says:

    Link fixed!

    Thanks for the nice comments 🙂

  3. china_boy says:

    thanks juan, that’s very beautiful! like it! really!

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