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Hey Boss…


Words from more than four hundred Bruce Springsteen lyrics. This time the word size is proportional to the number of times the word appears in his songs.

The list: just 733, well 720, night 667, baby 650, come 650, got 621, love 604, now 582, like 516, man 484, little 467, girl 419, oh 417, know 414, get 402, go 383, one 353, can 347, day 345, ain’t 331…

The original image is the cover from one of their latest albums.

Download PDF version (354kB).

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  1. karinn says:

    Ingenious way to sum up the works and world of Bruce. Absolutely love it.
    I’d love to see the whole list of words

    • juanosborne says:

      Thank you Karinn…

      I can’t post it (it has more than 3700 words) but give me your email and I’ll send it to you.

      My email juanosborne at gmail dot com.

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