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2010 Fractal Calendar

Another processing experiment. This time I coded a generative calendar where the days follow an espiral shape. Each rotation represent a year.

Well there is a big lie in the post title. This calendar is not fractal, but you can see a lot of years if you zoom. So, in some way it looks like a fractal.

The moon phase and the 24h daylight clock are suitable for Madrid (Spain). The colors are randomly taken from a palette. One color for each week or month. I added some depth by turning the colors darker in each step.

Probably I will post two or three calendar designs before the end of 2009. I researched a lot and now I have enough tools and ideas for more versions.

As usual, the bigger you print the better it looks.

Download 2010 Fractal Calendar (English version). 580kB.
Download 2010 Fractal Calendar (Spanish version). 580kB.

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    • juanosborne says:

      I didn’t know that calendar… amazing and beautiful design.

      But, you know, mine is free 🙂

      Thank you for the link!.

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