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Let there be House


Download house-eng.pdf (234kB).

Download house-esp.pdf (264kB).

House MD is one of my favorites TV show, I really enjoy the show. House deserves a tribute!.

Hands on it, I collected all the subtitles of the first five seasons from the website http://www.tvsubtitles.net/ something like 115 episodes.

Because the subtitles are ‘common language’ there is not so much information as in a song or a speech. I needed to clean up the word list in order to have a significant result.

So I increased the numbers of words that the algoritm will discard during the counting process
using the 1000 most commonly used English words that I found in http://www.duboislc.org/EducationWatch/First100Words.html

I also realized that there is a lot of strange words with only one hit, probably due to the nature of the subtitles. I decided to include only the words with two or more hits.

Here is the final image!… Cuddy would be proud.

As usual, all files for personal use only.

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