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Goodbye Michael…

MichaelJackson-ENGDownload Michael Jackson (English version).pdf (190kB).

Download Michael Jackson (Spanish version).pdf (188kB).

This is an updated version of my ‘goodbye message’ for Michael Jackson. This time I collected more than four thousand messages that people posted in http://www.lacortedelreydelpop.com/ after the sudden death of Michael.

All the messages were written in Spanish so, in this case, the English version is a direct translation of the spanish using Google.

I did not discrimínate. The image contains all the words of all the messages… even the ‘not so nice’ ones.

20 first words:michael 3158, always 2734, music 1509, king 1423, jackson 1173, pop 1164, heart 1158, life 1023, thanks 919, never 870, world 869, peace 820, best 40, god 725, left 723, big 716, dead 664, rests 656, believe 651, alone 648.

My apologies because I cannot find the website that hosted the original image. It was a very nice abstract image of an asian artist…. I think.

Those images are free for non-commercial personal use.

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